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Patints wlth scabis should b advisd that itching, mild buning and/ stinging may occu at application pmthin cam. In clinical tials, appoximatly 75% patints tatd with pmthin cam whcontinud tmanist puitis at 2 wks had cssation by 4 wks. I iitation psists, thy should consult thi physician. Pmthin cam may b vy mildly iitating tth ys. Patints should b advisd tavoid contact with ys duing application and tlush with wat immdiatly i pmthin cam gts in th ys.

Patints may xpinc psistnt puitus at tatmnt. This is aly a sign tatmnt ailu and is not an indication tatmnt. Dmonstabl living mits at 14 days indicat that tatmnt is ncssay.

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